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Christmas Order Form

Please complete our online order form below, or click here to download a copy of our blank order form.

You will receive an email confirming your order on the next working day (our working week is Tuesday to Saturday), the email will contain details of how to pay the £30.00 deposit required if ordering turkeys, geese and cockerels. (This deposit is non-refundable after 7th December).

To guarantee your Christmas order we must receive it by Thursday 7th December 2023.

Any alterations/amendments/add-ons to your order after 7th December 2023 will incur a £5.00 administration charge.

Collection from 22nd December to 24th December (24th closing 12:00 noon)

Free Range Turkey (White or Bronze)

There is a £5.00 charge for boning or jointing a whole bird.

Weight Price Order
4.0Kg Approx. servings 4-6 £85 SORRY, SOLD OUT
5.0Kg Approx. servings 6-10 £90
6.0Kg Approx. servings 10-12 £95
7.0Kg Approx. servings 12-14 £100
8.0Kg Approx. servings 14-16 £110
9.0Kg Approx. servings 16-18 £120
10Kg Approx. servings 18-20 £130
11Kg Approx. servings 20+ £140

Poultry / Meat

Item Price Approx. Size Required
Turkey Crown (3-8Kg) £25.95/Kg
Turkey Breast (1-5Kg) £26.95/Kg
Stuffed Turkey Breast (1-5Kg)
wrapped in Bacon Lattice
Half Turkey £17.25/Kg
Free Range Goose (4-6Kg) £19.25/Kg SORRY, SOLD OUT
Barn Reared Cockerel (3.5-6Kg) £13.25/Kg
Free Range Chicken (1.3-2.3Kg)  
Barn Reared Chicken (1.3-2.3Kg)  
Free Range Duck (1.8-2.5Kg)  


Meat Please give approx. weight
Haunch / Loin / Diced etc.
Rib / Sirloin / Topside etc.
Boneless Leg / Loin etc.
Gammon Joints
Cooked Ham
Breaded OR Honey Roast
Leg / Shoulder / Rack etc.
Sausages 6 12 24
Pigs in Blankets Cocktail
Pigs in Blankets Chipolatas
Sausagemeat 454g pack
Bacon ½lb 1lb 2lb
Plain Streaky
Smoked Streaky
Plain Back
Smoked Back
Plain Middle


Please note there is a £3.00 charge for vegetable orders.
Vegetables Quantity
Apples - Bramley (loose)
Cabbage - Green
Cabbage - White
Cabbage - Red
Carrots - loose
Onions - Red
Onions - White
Potatoes - Baking
Potatoes - Washed Mids
Potatoes - Marfona - 12.5Kg
Potatoes - Marfona - 3Kg
Potatoes - Marfona - Loose
Potatoes - Mozart - 25Kg
Potatoes - Mozart - 12.5Kg
Potatoes - Mozart - 3Kg
Potatoes - Mozart - Loose
Purple Sprouting
Sprouts - Loose
Sprouts - Stem
Sweet Potato

From the Deli

Item Price Quantity
Pork Pie 1lb approx £4.75
Pork Pie 2lb approx £7.95
Pork Pie 7" £25.95
Game Pie 1lb aprrox £4.95
Game Pie 2lb aprrox £9.95
Game Pie 6" £20.95
Gala Pie - Whole £25.00
Gala Pie - Half £12.95
Sausage Rolls £1.45
Buffet Sausage Rolls £0.75
Chicken Liver Pate 454g £10.75
Chicken Liver Pate 130g £3.50
Pheasant Terrine £12.00
Quiche Lorraine 6" £4.95
Scotch Eggs £3.45
Mince Pies 6pk £5.50
Iced Fruit Cake £11.95
Christmas Pudding 150g £2.95
Christmas Pudding 450g £6.95


Item Weight
Colsten Bassatt Stilton
Oxford Blue
Somerset Brie
Baron Bigod
Barbers Farmhouse
Black Bomber
Wookey Hole Cheddar
Capricorn Goats Cheese
Red Fox Red Leicester


Item Quantity
Cranberry Sauce
Redcurrant Sauce
Horseradish Sauce
Sage & Onion Stuffing
Bread Sauce
Lower Cloption Goose Fat

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